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Looking for Fall

We have been babysitting our grandpuppy, Lux, since her parents went on vacation. Today is Dale's Birthday and to celebrate it we went out "Looking for Fall."

"Looking for Fall" is something we did with our children when they were young. Alas, we don't have children anymore - only adults. The youngest is 23.

So we went out looking for fall with our grandpuppy, and a wonderful time was had by all. If we had such a great time with the grandpuppy, imagine how great it would be with actual grandchildren. Hint, hint . . .

While we eagerly anticipate grandchildren, we do heartily recommend waiting until you are married. Perhaps we are Old School but, as Benjamin Franklin wrote, the "hazard of Children, which irregularly produc'd may be attended with much Inconvenience."

We went looking for fall and we found Pumpkinville!

Lux got to play at being a scarecrow.

Linus and Sally were shocked to find that the Great Pumpkin was, in actuality, a Golden Doodle.

Lux has always been a bit of a princess, but here she got to be Cinderella in her carriage.

Lux also got to play at being Pocohantas. Need we say more . . .

Lux was quite a hit, and formed a one dog greeting committee.

Lux had fun playing with Glamma.

All Aboard!!

Pumpkinville is aptly named for the amazing number of pumpkins there.

All good things eventually come to an end. Here is Lux on the ride home.

Lux loved sticking her head out of the window and feeling the wind. It is AMAZING how the fluffy fur on her face is flattened in the wind. She is unrecognizable.

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